• Tree Frog and the Golden Fly
    "BLUE BOLT 7'S"

    Blue bolts and golden 7s electrify your chances for a life changing jackpot. The excitement of free spins and a secondary Pay Pop game produces lighting fast action in this premium title.

  • Nadines Wild Aces Saloon

    The style and glamour of classic Hollywood is brought to life in this premium 30 line game. The addition of the Scattered Pay Pop symbol is like playing two games in one. A guaranteed blockbuster jackpot will keep players on the edge of their seats.

  • American 7 All Stars

    OUCH!... The action is too hot to stop in this scorching premium title. Line up five rubies and change your life forever. The secondary Pay Pop game turns up the heat even higher!

  • Tree Frog and the Golden Fly

    Bring the excitement of a live game show to your gaming experience. Allow the host and beautiful hostesses to unveil fabulous cash and prizes. If you align your symbols just right you will find out - WHAT'S BEHIND THAT DOOR!

  • Nadines Wild Aces Saloon

    Enrich yourself with magical spells, wands, and dusty books. Allow the spell book to whisk you away to one of four whimsical bonus worlds. Stacks of magical wands multiply your winnings in free spins, triggered by three or more crystal balls.

  • American 7 All Stars

    Glorious wins await you on Mount Olympus. Climb the pillars of Zeus and capture the riches of the gods. The fist of Zeus propels you into heavenly free spins awarding electrifying prizes.

  • Tree Frog and the Golden Fly

    What's better than spinning a prize wheel? Spinning the BIG SPIN WIN wheel! A classic one line three credit wager game. With the addition of an immense wheel spinning bonus. One spin symbol on reel three is all it takes.

  • Nadines Wild Aces Saloon

    All the excitement of the original Triple Cherry Pop with the explosive prizes of Big Spin Win. One spin symbol on reel three gives you a chance to spin the BIG wheel.

  • American 7 All Stars

    Valuable jewels, cash and priceless art are secured in the impenetrable Vault Max. With stealth, cunning and the Vault Max symbol on reel three, crack the safe and recover all the riches inside the vault.

  • Tree Frog and the Golden Fly

    Step right up and experience the marvels and wonders of this nostalgic  circus themed game.  40-lines of big tops, youthful magic, thrills and delights bring the stacked symbols and free games front and center. 

  • Nadines Wild Aces Saloon

    Cozy up to the bar at Nadine’s Wild Aces Saloon. Will the sheriff catch the outlaw and collect the bounty? If so, you will rewarded with free spins or a bonus cash spin of the wheel.

  • American 7 All Stars

    Stars and stripes and 7’s forever! This all American Red, White and Blue theme, delivers classic one line excitement.

  • lucky_dragon

    Good fortune and riches await! Seek the lucky golden dragon’s blue pearl to unlock free spins and the riches within. This high denom three reel adventure immerses the player in the rich ancient asian culture.

  • Green With Envy

    Your friends will be green with envy when you collect your winnings from this 40-line game. Stacked 7’s and free spins will multiply your winnings and deliver heart pounding excitement.

  • Super Sweet 7

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with this Super Sweet Classic one line game.

  • Triple Crown Magic

    Journey behind the magician’s curtain. Magic wands and top hats lead the way to free spins and glorious winnings. Three crowns pay the top award. This fast paced 3 reel game will have you screaming abracadabra!

  • Aloha Tiki Bar

    Please, pass the poi in this classic five line Hawaiian themed game. Hula girls win the jackpot and Tiki Wilds keep the Aloha spirit alive.

  • Photo Finish
    "Photo Finish"

    On your mark, get set, play! Burst out of the starting gates with this 40 line, free spin, stacked symbol game theme. Three Photo Finish symbols triggers 7 free games bringing the sights and sounds of thoroughbred racing action to life.

  • British Steam

    40-lines of steam-powered machinery and industrial gadgets inspire this unique and interesting oddity. Gears click and clack as the reels spin to reveal their rewards. Distinctive stacked symbols and stacked wild flags enlighten the mind as they pay. Free games further the journey into the bizarre as the player is mesmerized by the intricacies of the curios steam punk genre.

  • Sakura Dream

    The sakura or cherry blossom symbolizes the purity of life and the spirit of the samurai.  Japanese  mythology and wonder propel this 40-line game filled with stacked symbols and high paying free games.  Soothing Eastern music inspires as the Maneki-neko talisman beckons.

  • Triple Cherry Pop

    Cherry, Cherry, Cherry is order of the day. Line up 3 cherries in this classic 3-reel game and the progressive jackpot is yours. Pop the top on this update of the traditional tried and true high denom casino classic.

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